American fish game machine customers

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  • August 25, 2017
   This customer own more than 10 game rooms in USA, he order Dragon Slayer fishing game and card system from us. He have three partners and visited us on July, 2016. We stay together more than 5 days discussed further cooperation.

USA fish game customer

  First, we confirm the customer's intention to visit.We have to know when he started, how long to stay here, the main purpose of visiting and so on.


  Second, arrange the itinerary.Arrangements made after the e-mail to the foreign business confirmed that we clearly stated in the trip to foreign businessmen to see the products, as well as some industrial equipment, warehouses, etc.

  Third, we understand what we have. Understand their own company's processes, technical parameters, so as to be able to take a good foreign visitors, and explain.

  fourth,ready to visit the information.Let the fish game factory workshop to prepare, but also ready to visit the process used by the tools, related technical personnel, technical guidance, etc. And prepare a Notepad, note the size, specifications, and requirements of the guests mentioned during the visit.

fish game machine factory