Fire kirin video fish game machines for sales

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  • August 24, 2017


   We are the professional manufactory of video fish game machines and specialize in this field for 10 years. We are not only selling IGS fish games but also Mainland games. Mainland games have such advantages: 1. Cheap prices. 2. Profits higher than IGS game. But it have a inadequate: Not well known in USA.

fish hunter game

   Fire kirin video fish game without a very beautiful visual effect, but many customers choose it. Why customers choose it? Because this fishing game has cheaper price and adjustable win rate,English version system. Many small and medium-sized casino from America chose our products.In May 2017 , a American customer ordered the five Fire kirin fishing machines.

fish game machine factory

   He said our products are good quality and our delivery is so fast.He will under more orders when the casino becomes bigger.