First African client of fish hunter game machine

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 16, 2017

African client of fish hunter game machine

   This customer is the first client comes from Africa, he sent the message to us :"i want to buy 6 of our fish gambling console games and want them shipped to my address." Then we told him :"we can shipped to your address and many fish hunter game for your choose ." He said he was the first time in China to buy fish game machine, worried about the quality problems. We told him we have two factories Near the company.

fire kirin fish hunter game

   He decided to come China and visit our factory next week, We are very honored.When he first came our company ,we bought the fruit to entertain him. We made him feel very comfortable.At first, he like the ocean monster fish game. but he think it is a bit expensive. then we introduced him to the game of fire kirin fish game .

   At last, he bought these 6 fish game machines as a sample ,he said he will make more orders if the machine quality is good .As a friend,We took pictures in the company.