How To Get Order Of customized fish game

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 26, 2017

How To Get Order Of customized fish game machine


Tarantula--customer customized fish game

  This is an American customer. Today it is a Hundreds of thousands-dollar business with operations localized in over 5 area.We got the inquire of fishing game from the customer Mr Chris on 7th of June,2017. I have sent some photos and price to Chris. And then Chris sent the details to me what he was looking for .

  video fish arcade game

  He said:"I really like the fish game machine cabinet ,but i want a special game ." According to the requirements of the client,then we recommend customized fish game--Tarantula to him. He feel so good and give me message later .


  One day later he replied and said our price was a little high and informed us of the target price. After receiving this message we had double check our offer and found the price we quoted was our market price. So we told customer this price was much reasonable in Guangzhou.


  First of all he did not reply. Later, we sent several emails and talking about the customized fish game quality, delivery, design and after service. Finally the customer placed a big order. The quality and service of my company is very good, It’s safe for your business with you.