Treat customers like friends

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 28, 2017

why our customers choose us

fish game company

   In August 15th of last year,  customers from North Carolina state of USA came to visit our company, and we talked a lot about the details of the fish game machine. We all had a good time during the time we spent together. We cooperated with a "tarantula" motherboard. The customer told us about their requirements for the product, and we wrote down all the details at that moment.

our factory

   Then,we talk about the price and the quality. For a project, when the sample is approved, the bulk order will be coming soon. they also give us the bulk order.And the production also goes smoothly.After fish game machine finished ,we noticed my customer .

factory show

   Soon we agreed with the customer on-site inspection . After inspection, let us arrange to deliver goods. We always attached great importance to ALL customers not only brand. he said: "this is what they want, Once they first internal confirmation, If no problem, He will give us feedback soon. Through this business we have established a long-term relationship. We treat both sides just like a friend.