Our fish game table have a good customer service

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  • August 18, 2017

we and customers

  These clients are from Wisconsin, which is in the United states. The girl in the picture left just came to the company for about a month, she contacted the client in Made-in-China at the beginning. Customers feel interested in buying a fish game table product and then left Whatsapp to contact the girl. In order to better serve customers,the girl continue to deepen the understanding of the product and learn some professional knowledge. 

2017 hot sale the new style fishing game machine

  After a period of time, her sincerity and professional ability impressed customers. Fortunately customers decided to come to China to visit our company and factory, the customers are very satisfied.  After returning to their country they buy ten set of fish game table machine. Customers feel our service attitude is much better than that of other companies. The staff of our company firmly believe that only serve customers sincerely can we achieve the best results of mutual benefit.