Tiger monster plus casino shooting arcade fish games

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  • August 29, 2017

tiger monster plus

    We professionally supply many good-sized shooting arcade fish game machines and all kinds of fish game software.We have 10 years industry experience. With the development of our company,more and more customer choose our product .

    This customer comes from America, has many big casinos in US. Today it is a multimillion-dollar business with operations localized in over 10 areas. We got the inquire of fishing machine from the customer on 7th of June, then we quoted to him.He felt our price is reasonable and decided to come our company.

casino shooting fish game

    After one week, he came our company. We took him to visit our factory.After the negotiations, he made a big order. Including Tiger monster plus, Lion monster plus, Phoenix feather dragon. He ordered 3 kinds fish games and 2 kinds machines valued $60000. He told me he will continue to order more if our after service is good. 


arcade fish game machine factory

    We can promise our quality and after-sales service are the best! Our fish games are 100% original and our game machines are good quality. We use wooden case and foam to stay away from damage.