customized banana strike fish table game machine for sale

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 26, 2017

   As a professional sales of fish game machine suppliers .And we are experienced and professional to help the new buyers to get the right products that they want and also protect their project and profit is safe.


   The customer from Europe .She just 30 years old .In August 2016, we received the inquiry from Tanasa , she lived in Sweden, and this is the first time to purchase the products in China.She saw our product on Alibaba and feel our machine is better than others . Then we told her that our company's products are original and good quality.

banana strike fish game

   Since Tanasa is not much familiar with the fish table game machine they want, and it is our duty to give them suitable suggestion at the same time to meet their requirements.She told us she worried about the fish game can profit? Then we send the video to her .At last he make a order valued $ 80,000. She choose customized banana strike fish game that kill banana can take Laser cannon or bomb. It is our pleasure to be able to work with this kind of customer.