new fish game for customers free cost

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 26, 2017

   We offer customized new fish game for customers free cost, the most successful case is for one Atlanta customers customized Shark Attack, he visited our company more than two times and own 160 game rooms in Florida. No more than two months, he already sell out 30 set Shark Attack for his customers, he is most appreciate the winning and game picture.

our company fish game machine

  When he first came to our company ,he was particularly surprised why our company is so small .Then we Explain to him We have two factories nearby and that two fish game machines used to test the game .Our boss met him personally and took him to visit our factories .After negotiations and inquiries he made a business and told me he will come here next time. 

fish hunter game factory

  When he second came to our company ,The sample has been finished . During that time, we have discussed the packing,  the service problem ...... 

  We do not do the best, we only do better