earn money by shooting fish games table gambling

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 19, 2017

video redemption arcade fish game

This customer comes from Australia, We got the inquire of Alibaba from the customer on 7th of May,2017. According to the requirements of the client,we offered him a quote and introduced our shooting fish games table gambling.

thunder dragon fish game

He asked us :"How about the win rate ?will i lose money?" We told him,our thunder dragon can hold to 30% win rate stably.Not only win money ,but also have a good after service. It is very popular in US.

One day later he replied and said our price was a little high and informed us of the target price. After receiving this message we told him They will give our customer very low price With poor quality cabinet ,and copy game board . Finally this machine make customer lose a lot of money . and then out come back To us .and buy our machine . So we told customer this price was much reasonable in Guangzhou.

Finally He came to our company and tested himself. This is really a good product,He said.