Introduction of fishing game machine

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  • July 10, 2017

Introduction of fishing game machine

fishing game machine

First, the type of fish machine: fish game machine source is divided into Taiwan and China, IGS is a company in Taiwan, which is mainly the development process, the company developed the game called IGS game, but also from Taiwan non-IGS game, Refers to the mainland China side of the development of their own procedures.


IGS program

Advantages: 1. Stable procedures 2. High popularity 3. players are fond of it4. Maximum can only do 8 players

Lack of: profit stability, not easy to control, the price is higher


Copy IGS:

Game screen and IGS exactly the same, only the signal line is not the same, COPY version of the original profit better than IGS.


Chinese games board

Advantages: 1. Cheap prices 2. Profits than IGS game high: visibility is not high


Customized games:

Now many people want to have their own exclusive game, customized version can join the new role, you can increase the company name, URL, can be customized according to the requirements of the guests, 8 is the smallest order for 30 sets, single Person or 2 custom  minimum order for the 50 sets, the guests after customization, become the exclusive agent of this game.

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