Twenty-six in one Fishing game machine

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  • July 19, 2017

Twenty-six in one Fishing game machine

26in one fishing game machine

One of our Fishing game machine we have it called Twenty-six in One.

Yes ,As its name,it have 26 games in the game board.


Many customers Like this fishing game machine .Because it have many games. But it just have the Chinese Version. Don’t worry about that:we have the Detial English introduction about the game .According to the Customers’ Feedback.It is no any problem when they play it.


We have many customers choose to buy it. Because of the quantity of the games.

The most important one : the twenty-six in One just suitable for 2 players.

Many customers choose one of the game on it to customized the 8 players game is so popular to do that.


The game name of the 26 in 1

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