Insert coins Kingkong fish game table machine - Fishing game machine
Insert coins Kingkong fish game table machine - Fishing game machine

Insert coins Kingkong fish game table machine

King Kong fish game table machine is a customized fishing game machine. It support 10 players.

Product Specification:
  • Game :

    King Kong

  • Voltage :


  • Screen :

    32'' 47'' 55'' LCD

  • Version :

    English version

Product Details

Kingkong fish game table feature:

1. Fish game table board include high quality 3D graphics more fish characters and improved difficulty that reaches Level 26 with 28 fish characters.

2. 6/8/10 players acceptable at the same time, fish hunter gambling game machine has 55 inch A-level LCD display with big table-board or two big table-board ,more space, more fun !

3. Full 3D feature brings you the real appearance of the undersea world and simulating the fishing net went off to catch the fish.

4. 26 in 1 shooting fish games are based the oceanic theme. It is a new age fish table game. With different scenes changed,countless fish rush out with more big prizes, which will make operators extremely exciting! 26 in 1 fish table game features include high quality 3D graphics, under the sea themes, more fish characters and improved difficulty that reaches Level 26. There are different monster in the different games. The fish game board system can hold high profit. You can change the game to the another game by the joystick and buttons.

5. You can adjust the difficulty from easy to difficult.

6. Special weapons and mini games for single player at limited time.

customized KingKong fish game

How To  Play

1. Put the coins into the fishing game table machine acceptor.

2. Press the start button, swirl the joystick, press fire button to catching fish.

3. You can change the grade of the power, the highest grade can be up to 8.

4. After you win, the machine will return the coins or tickets as the Score.

5. Popular fish game table will help you earn money.

arcade game operation

Why Choose Us

1. Wangdong have rich experience for shooting fish table game machine producing, high quality control system and good service will keep our long term cooperation.

2. Good reputation for export business, our products have been widely sell in south American, Middle East,  Africa and so on.

3. High quality control and test system to make machines work stable.

4. Market information feedback, Wangdong have a lot own Amusement part, we can suggest customer which machine is welcome by market.


1. How many players do you have?

We can make 2/4/6/8/10 players cabinet.

2. Is it possible to adjust the win rate?

Yes. Some games are possible to adjust it to hold 30-40%. Some games are about 20-30%. 

3. Which kind package do you use? 

And the language of the game?Wooden Case. English or Chinese Version.

4. What's your hot selling game board?

Ocean King 2 Thunder Dragon, Ocean King 3, Insect Doctor, King of Treasures plus, red dragon 3D games ect..

5. Can i customize my own game?

Sure. We accept customize game board. You can change the big boss, language, add your company logo or Website, customize the players and use the new game title ect..

6. Where's your mainly market in USA?

We have customers in almost 80% states of USA. Main market: North Carolina, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio ...

7. How about the size and the quality of your screen?

We use standard 55 inches LG Original Screen, which will provide you the best enjoyment when playing.

8. Which model bill acceptor and printer do you use?

We use the best model ICT Bill acceptor (L70P5): can accept $1-100 with cash box; ICT acceptor (GP58-CR): never happen to mess up ticket. If you prefer to buy them in USA local, we can prepare the holes and wiring harness for you.

9. How many units can load by one 20ft, 40ft and 45ft container ?   

20ft: 6 pcs . 40ft: 14pcs , 45ft: 18pcs. If you can accept to remove the joystick, then install it back after receiving the goods, it will be able to load more machines.

10.which shipment do you use? How long is it to USA?

By sea or air. By air just need about 3-7 days. By sea about 1 month to the most of the ports.The game board send by DHL or Fedex Express just need about 3-5 days.

11.What’s spare parts do you offer?

Several buttons, some keys for key in and key out ect.. if you need more, pls inform us.

12. Do you have warehouse in USA, so i can buy it in local?

At this moment, we still don’t built the warehouse. But i think it doesn’t take long time because we will start to invest in it soon.

13.How about the payment terms?

30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.

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