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fishing game machine with arcade game software

Our fishing game machine is advanced an high quality.The king of vending fishing game machine is low price and high quality!

Product Specification:
  • Weight :

    250 kg

  • Voltage :

    220 V

  • Screen :

    32'' 47'' 55'' LCD

  • Version :

    English version

Product Details

What is fishing game machine?

    Fishing game is a video game entertainment game. Fishing machine products are usually people's business and entertainment electronic products, all over the country by the favorite. Version supports vertical 3 people, 4 people, 6 horizontal 6 people 10 people play.

    There are many types of fishing machines nowadays, from the earliest people fishing up to now, there are a thousand guns and fishing systems, and 
the case of the Ocean Star system. Each fishing arcade game has a different style of play.

Monster Awak ocean king 3

How about our fishing game machine?

1.Host computer and software manufacturer: IGS
2.Display manufacture:Samsung or LG LCD display
3.Display size:32" /47''or 55 "
4.Cabinet size, color and pattern:can be customized
5.Input-output options :coin in/out, bill acceptor/thermal printer
6.100% original game board/software.
7.The first to add a independent scenario of sending score for free in the fishing game machine with double function --battle in the golden city.
8.Bit cannon ,can kill all the fishes in the screen scale,explode at last ,a powerful tool for high credits.

fish hunter arcade game cabinet

Where is our factory?

    Our fishing game machine factory is near the company.If you come to China, we will bring you to see our factory.

fish game table gambling packing process

How to play fishing arcade game?

    First,Put the coins into the fish hunter game machine, then increase players' credit.

    Second,you can press the POWER button to switch bet, the highest grade can be up to 8.

    Third,Press joystick downward twice and switch weapon. 

    Fourth,Press the start button, swirl the joystick to control direction, press SHOOT button to catching fish.

    Fifth,After you win, the machine will return the coins or tickets as the Score.

    Sixth,Keep pressing SHOOT button for continuous attack and the speed will faster gradually.

arcade game operation

Why choose us?

1. Wangdong have rich experience for fishing game machine producing, high quality control system and good service will keep our long term cooperation.

2. Good reputation for export business,  our products have been widely sell in south American, Middle East, Africa and so on.

3. High quality control and test system to make machines work stable.

4. Market information feedback, Wangdong have a lot own Amusement part, we can suggest customer which machine is welcome by market.

fishing game machine


1.  How about malfunction? 

Our technician will make a professional solution with picture for customer, which shows how to operate step by step. If the spare part breaks we will replace it for customer with kind of charge or without charge.

2.  Lifetime of your product?  
 It’s according to the maintenance of product, generally speaking it’s about 3-5 years.

3. If your company can provide interpreter for us? 
Our company will provide the English interpreter for free, as for the rare language we will help customer to seek an interpreter company with favorable price and good services.

4. How long will it takes to deliver goods from china to my country? 

As for the time different port is different. Generally speaking it’s about one month by sea,3-7 workdays by air.

5. If your company can help me to reserve a hotel if we come to visit your factory?

Our company can help customer to reserve a hotel if they come to China and we can pick up customer at airport or hotel if necessary.

Gambling machine is divide into fishing game machine,slot machine and roulette wheel machine.
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