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Hot sale fishing game machine for sale

Fishing game table machines are high quality.Our fishing game machine factory is the best one in China.

Product Specification:
  • Weight :

    250 kg

  • Voltage :


  • Screen :

    32'' 47'' 55'' LCD

  • Version :

    English version/Chinese version

fishing game table machine

What is the Configurations of fishing game machine

1. Host computer and software manufacturer: IGS

2. Display manufacture:Samsung or LG LCD display

3. Display size:32" /47''or 55"

4. Cabinet size, color and pattern:can be customized

5. Input-output options :coin in/out, bill accept/thermal printer, swipe card system

How To  Play :  

1. Put the coins into the fishing arcade game machine coin mouth.

2. Press the start button, swirl the joystick, press fire button to catching fish.

3. You can change the grade of the power, the highest grade can be up to 8.

4. After you win, the machine will return the coins or tickets as the Score.

5. Popular arcade games will help you earn money.

Profile of various fishing game machines

1.Horizontal fish game machine

golden machine

Golden Lion's head fishing game machine

1.Blue LED glare decorate the border.

2.Made by high quality metal.

3.Can be customized 6/8/10 people.

4.Fortune Lamp fish game suitable for this machine.

ocean king 2 arcade game

Black and red fishing arcade machine

1.Colorful LED glare decorate the border.

2.Black metal with red Crash bar.

3.Can be customized 6/8/10 people.

4.Thunder Dragon fish game is suitable for the cabinet.

ocean king game

Sea Blue fish shooting machine for sale

1.Oval outward will looks good.

2.Blue sticker give you a trace of peace.

3.Can be customized 6/8/10 people.

4.Ocean king 2 fish hunter arcade games is suitable for the cabinet.

2.Vertical fish game machine

shooting fish game

3D feature fishing game machine

1.It will make your neck relax.

2.Other players easy see the screen.

3.Can be customized 2/4/6 people.

4.Red Dragon fish game is suitable this machine.

Various machines
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