How about the fish game detail ?

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  • Jimmy at
  • June 12, 2019

1.How about the winning rate?

Igs game can hold stable win rate. Big odd can easier catch the fishes. Copy ocean king game can hold high win rate.

2.What's the weight of the fish machine?
Our 8 player fishing game machine is about 270 kg

3.what's our screen?
55 inch LG LCD screen suitable for igs fishing game machine. It is support six to eight people to play together

4.How many player for the cabinet? for you choose. Customized fishing game cabinet you can choose.

5.What is the customization?
1).You can modify big boss or add a 2-3 new animals what you like as big boss.
 2).Can add your company logo and website into the game.
 3).Can change hold % , Max we suggest that 30% will be fine . 
4).Can extend decode time , or you can choose it with

6.what is the newest game?
the newest game is thunder dragon with multiple function when kill the blue dragon, and have the laser bullet can lock the animal whatever you want

7.What kind of game you have for fish game?
Original/ Copy IGS fishing board; Non IGS Taiwan game baord; Chinese version game board

8.Why choose us?
1. OEM & ODM 
2. Offer quantity discount, seasonal discount and exceptional discount 
3. Offer trade assured 
4. High recommended by customers 
5. Profession sales team and technician support

Four major problems in purchasing fish game machines 
1.Thunder dragon is a new game of ocean king 2 .

2.Win rate stability and good quality . 

3.It is very popular in US with moderate cost now . 

4.Our good service and good factory.