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Luxury 8 Players Baccarat Table Casino Gaming Table For Casino

The largest International roulette machine factory in China. 6/12 players Electronic gambling roulette game machine/bingo game machine with stable system.

Product Specification:
  • Name :

    International roulette machine;

  • Players :

    8 Players or 12 Players;

  • Model :

    Touch screen or without touch screen(Trackball);

  • Screen Size :

    17 inches screen;

  • Package :

    Separate packaged by wooden case.

What is the Specifications of Our Roulette Game Machine?




WangDong Roulette game machine


W245*D245*H240 cm


17''LCD screen * 8pcs + 40''LCD * 1pc






8/12 players as for choose

Roulette Game Model

Touch screen or trackball


36,37/38 numbers as for choose:"0"00" are available to choose

Hot selling Baccarat Game Machine For Casino:

Baccarat game machine

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Baccarat Casino Game Rules for the player hand:


If the player's first two cards total 6 or more, then the player must stand without drawing a card. If the player's first two cards total 5 or less, the player must draw one additional card. 

Baccarat Rules for the banker hand:

If the banker's first two cards total 7 or more, then the banker must stand without drawing a card. If the banker's first two cards total 0, 1, or 2, then the banker must draw one card. If the banker's first two cards total 3, 4, 5, or 6, then whether the banker draws is determined by the whether the player drew, and if so the value of the player's draw card.

Detail pictures for our Baccarat Game Machine:

8 players Baccarat game

Gambling Baccarat

Baccarat Casino machines


Internationale standard requirement roulette machine for casino! All kinds of gambling machine for sale, please contact us immediately! Different roulette machine as belows:

8 Players new model:

8 players roulette table

12 Players model:

roulette table game machine

Compared with small company, our machine has special as bellows:


 1. The central part of roulette game machine: the runway (the ball rolling disc) is a molding of a molding; Other Suppliers: split (plus iron); digital turntable and cover plate is iron or plastic;

 2. Platform part: IC board is 09 board (more stable, higher performance); Other Suppliers: 06 board (early board, ordinary board) used in other suppliers;

 3. Structure: Fall ball mode is the motor (by static, stable); Other Suppliers: solenoid valve (sound big, easy to bad), whether the line has been optimized.

 4. High quality Software system: whether the roulette game machine has second recognition system, with or without anti-theft system.

Safety Package of Casino Game Roulette Machine

100% safety package for ship out around the world

The package is Bubble Film (Well paper) +Stretch Film+Wooden Case, We have many customers from all around the world.

Some customers require Separate package to prevent checked by the customs. Wangdong Company is available to do it (package picture as belows):

Roulette Game Machine

FAQ of Gambling Roulette Machine:

1. How many players of our roulette machine? 

6/8/12 players as for choose. OEM is available.

2. How many models for the roulette game machine?

2 Models:Touch screen or without touch screen(Trackball)

3. What's The features of the wheel?

Imported luxury wheel, Stable performance

4. How many numbers can i choose?

3 models: No. 1-36/No. 1-36+"0"/No. 1-36+"00"

5. Does our roulette game has the account check function?

Yes, we can customize the Account statistics function for you.  

6. If the cover of the wheel can open? 

No. Avoid opening by the players. We customized it as a molding which is integrated with the wheel. 

7. How many Language do you have?

Chinese/English/Spanish Language; OEM is available.

8. What's the version of the IO Board?

We use 09 version IO board. It will more stable compare with 06.

9. How about your package of casino roulette machine?

Wooden box separately package to avoid being checked by the customs.

Our company

Our company build in 2007, with mature technology teams, more than four own more than 10 years experience, 24 hours online service. 

Four sales teams assist you solve any after sales problem for the roulette game machine.

We have dealer in USA, Trinidad and Southeast Asia countries, please rest assured offer orders to us. 

Roulette Game Machine

Electronic gambling roulette machine manufacturer; 

earn money 12 players roulette machine to Trinidad and Tobago; 

Stable system gambling roulette machine with stable hold percentage;

Win-Win cooperation for casino roulette game machine, pls contact us immediately!

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